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"This whole idea of certain people in the American system not paying federal income tax becomes a problem. People who hate to hear that will say, 'Dan, they pay FICA and they have all this stuff taken out of their paycheck...' That's not what we're talking about. We're talking about when the government decides to do something that relies on federal income taxes, there's a lot of people that don't pay that. I understand why. They're poor. I don't want to impress them financially, but it's important they have a stake in the system. Otherwise anything the government proposes is basically free to them. It's important to have the same restraint any of us would have if this was your home budget. Cost-to-benefit, right? Do I need this new heating system enough to justify the cost? If you're not paying into the federal government, if it's not affecting you financially, and if it might not raise the amount you have to send to Washington, then there is no downside. That's not good for the system."

Dan Carlin

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